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What are the Returns & Replacement Policies?

 Let's divide returns into two components - 
  1. Courier returns

  2. Customer returns

Courier Returns:

Courier Returns occur when the order is undelivered and marked as RTO. Please find below the potential reasons for the order being marked as RTO.

Reasons for undelivered shipment

  1. Customer not contactable

  2. Incomplete address

  3. COD amount not ready

  4. Future delivery requested by the customer 

  5. Self-pickup requested by the customer 

  6. Customer refused delivery

  7. Door/premises/office closed

  8. Pincode not serviceable

In all these cases the  default return address would be 

      Printrove Products Private Limited,             

      Building No. 6, SSM Warehouse,

      No. 89, Grand Northern Trunk Rd,


      Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600110

When we receive the returned shipment, it will be updated in the Manage Returns page in the merchant panel and an update will be sent to you by email registered with us.

Please note that using a custom return address is not possible currently since not all the courier companies allow it.

Action Required on these orders

When the order is returned, Printrove would store the returns for a period of 30 days from the date of the order being marked as RTO, without any warehousing fee.

You can choose to Reship the order to yourself or any other address within this period of 30 days, after which we would donate the order to charity.

Kindly note that you will not be allowed to take any action on the returned orders after this period.

Please also note that if the pin code becomes unserviceable  after the order is placed , Printrove shall not be responsible for the RTO and as a result, no refunds will be processed from our end. 

Re-ship Your Order

Once an order has been returned to our factory, it is added to the Orders > Manage Returns Page. 

You can reship an order to a new address using the Reship button.


Once you click on the Reship button, a pop up opens up where you can enter the new details including the reference number, retail price, shipping address, and mode of shipping.


Once the details are entered, you can make the payment using the available credits and confirm the order.

Summary of Courier Returns:

We stock your returned product for 30 days, beyond which we donate it to charity.

You can reship this order in this period to yourself or another customer for a minimal re-shipping fee.

Post the 30 day period, if you wish for Printrove to stock it in their warehouse, you can move this to your inventory ( service coming soon )


Customer Returns:

In spite of the Quality Checks we do, it is possible that the customer receives a product that is not in the best condition. 

This might happen due to damages in transit or manual errors.

To make sure that your customer receives the best product, we offer completely free replacements to your customers due to misprint and quality errors.

You just have to email us on with a few pictures or a video showing the exact defect with the product and we will have your replacement product shipped out within 48 hours of it being authorized. 

We do not ask for the defected product to be returned back to us and hence no reverse pick-ups need to be scheduled. 

Product Quality issues:

      Potential Issues

  1. Misprinting

  2. Damaged Items Sent.  

  3. Defective Items Sent

  4. Items Lost in Shipment

  5. Broken Products Received. 

  6. For all other cases

In these cases, it must be communicated to Printrove within 10 days upon the delivery of the product.

For items lost in shipment, claims, if any,  must be communicated not later than 10 days after the estimated delivery date.

Summary of Customer Returns - Product Quality Issues:

For all product quality issues, we would request you to send an email to

Please include
pictures of the defected product along with the original packaging in which the product was received by the customer, showing the shipping label and the customer details on it clearly for verification.

On verification, we shall issue a  free replacement to your customer  and your customer can keep the old as well as the new replacement order.

For all other cases - Rejection by Customer

In cases, if the product delivered to the customer is in perfect condition but the customer still does not want to keep the product, it would be your decision to accept a return from the customer.

Printrove would not refund such orders.

You can ask the customer to return the product back to your place which you can use to click pictures for your social media pages. 


Summary of Customer Returns - All other Customer Rejection Issues:

Since the product is customized to customer requirements, any such return or rejection must be channeled through you.

We do not refund for any modification of size or color and hence such modifications are to be offered at your expense and discretion.

A new order, at your expense, needs to be placed for an updated modification if you choose to accept or offer exchanges to your end customers.


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