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What are the Returns & Replacement Policies?

You can classify returns in two segments; Courier and Customer Returns. Continue reading to understand how Printrove processes each return.

Courier Returns

Courier returns are RTO Initiated orders. An order is RTO initiated when it has been undelivered three times due to various reasons. You can refer to the following article to know more about RTO. What is RTO?

Printrove does not charge any additional RTO shipping charges.  

All RTO initiated orders will be delivered to Printrove, by default, since custom return addresses are not accepted by our logistics partners. Once delivered, the order is Added to Returns in the next 24-48 hours, allowing you to Re-ship it to yourself or another customer. 

All Returned orders are stored, free of charge, for 30 days. After 30 days, the order will be disposed of / donated to charity. A reminder notification is sent to your registered email address, letting you know the number of days left to the disposal. Know more about how Returned orders are processed by referring to the following article. What happens when an order is Returned to Printrove?

Please note that the disposal process is automated and cannot be reversed


Customer Returns

Customer returns are products in the order that have been requested to be exchanged or returned. 

If a customer raises a return or exchange request for a defective product, you can share the same with us by dropping in a mail at support@printrove.comIf the defect is verified, Printrove will take 100% responsibility for the same and initiate a refund or replacement, at 0 cost, as the customer prefers.

You can follow the guidelines below to raise a Refund/ Replacement request with Printrove:
  1. The defect needs to be communicated to Printrove within 10 days upon the date of delivery.
  2. Share images/ videos of the product in full view with the defect clearly visible.
  3. Share image of the UID label (Barcode Sticker) attached to the product.
  4. Share images of the packaging with the shipping label visible.
We do need the products to be returned back to us.

However, if the customer raises a return or exchange request for a product with no defects, Printrove will not be liable to initiate a refund or replacement. For example, the customer is looking for a different size, or different colour of the product and raises a return or exchange request.

If you wish to accept all customer returns as per your brand policy, you can initiate a Reverse Pickup for the delivered products and place a new order as per the customer requests. You can follow the steps guided in the following article to initiate a Reverse Pickup. How to deal with customer exchanges through Reverse Pickups?

You will be required to initiate a Reverse Pickup order at your expense. These orders will be delivered to your business address.

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