What is RTO?

What is RTO?

RTO or Return To Origin is a shipping stage of an order. When an order has been updated to be RTO initiated, it indicates that it is currently being processed for return to the seller, in this case, Printrove. An order is RTO initiated after three unsuccessful delivery attempts have been made or when the seller or customer cancels the order after it has been dispatched.

Orders processed for RTO can have three stages.
  1. RTO Initiated
When an order is being processed for a return, it will be marked as RTO initiated.
  1. RTO In-transit
When an RTO initiated order has begun its transit journey towards the origin or seller, it is updated as RTO in transit.
  1. RTO Delivered
Once an order has been delivered to Printrove, it will be marked as RTO delivered.

All RTO delivered orders are Added to Returns in 24-48 hours, unless the same has not been received by Printrove. You can refer to the suggested article below to know how a returned order is processed.

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