What happens when an order is Returned to Printrove?

What happens when an order is Returned to Printrove?

Since our logistics partner does not allow custom return addresses, all courier returns are delivered to Printrove by default. Once an order is RTO Delivered to Printrove, it is added to your returns in the next 24-48 hours. You can view your Returned orders in the Returns section in Manage Orders.

Printrove offers 30 days of free storage for your courier returns, during which you can Re-ship the order to yourself or another customer. After 30 days, the order will be disposed of / donated to a charity.
You will be notified on your registered email address before the order is disposed of to help you take action on the same.
To Re-ship the order, you can click on the Re-ship icon  and follow the steps guided in the suggested article below.

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