How Can I Work with Printrove?

How Can I Work with Printrove?

Printrove is designed to make it easy for merchants to launch and grow their own brand. From placing a sample order to fulfilling customer orders, here’s a straightforward guide to getting started with Printrove.

Step 1: Create a Printrove Account

Begin by creating your free Printrove account. This is your first step towards building your brand with us. Refer to the article How to Create a Printrove Merchant Account? to complete this step.

Step 2: Place a Sample Order

Before committing to full production, place a sample order to check the quality of Printrove’s products. This ensures you’re satisfied with the product quality before moving forward. It also helps you understand the overall experience from a customer's point of view. You can refer to the article How to place a Sample Order? for the detailed steps.

Step 3: Source Your Designs

Once you're happy with the sample quality, start sourcing your designs. Gather unique and appealing designs that reflect your brand’s identity. Great designs are the foundation of your product line. Some suggestions for sources could be Dribble, designing your own through Canva, or hiring a Graphic Designer from Fiverr.

Step 4: Integrate Your Store

Integrate Printrove with your online store. Printrove supports one-tap integrations with Shopify & WooCommerce and offers API Documentation for your Custom-built website, making the integration process seamless. Articles relevant to your store can be found here.

Step 5: Create and Upload Products

Create your products on Printrove and use the Push feature to upload them directly to your store. This feature simplifies the process and keeps your store updated with new products. Follow the steps guided in the article How to Push, Sync or Save a product? to achieve this.

Step 6: Set Your Retail Price

Determine and set the retail prices for your products. Ensure your prices reflect the quality observed from your Printrove sample order to help set a profitable and competitive price. The article How to make a profit with Printrove? will give you an overview of how payments are processed at Printrove and help set this up.

Step 7: Accept Orders and Place on Printrove

When you start receiving orders, place them on Printrove. We’ll handle printing, packing, and shipping directly to your customers. To automate the order-placing process after upgrading to the Business Plan, refer to the article How to automatically place your store orders on Printrove?

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you can effortlessly create and scale your brand with Printrove. For detailed instructions on each step, please refer to our comprehensive articles. Start your journey today and watch your brand thrive with Printrove!

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