Printrove - Free Plan vs Business Plan

Free Plan vs Business Plan

There are two kinds of plans with Printrove -

1. Free Plan - When you log in to Printrove, Free Plan is activated for your account by default.

2 . Business Plan - Upgrading to the Business Plan requires a one-time payment of Rs. 5000 which is added to your credits. Once you upgrade, you shall have lifetime access to the plan.

What are Printrove Credits?

In Printrove, all payments are debited and credited through the system of credits. You can think of One Printrove Credit to be equal to One Rupee. 

Once you have added credits to your Printrove account, you can start placing orders using the credits until they are exhausted.

So, if you upgrade to the Business Plan and get an order for a t-shirt that costs Rs. 300, it will be deducted from your credits and your credits would now stand at Rs. 4,700
Printrove credits are non-refundable. However, you have lifetime access to the same and can be utilised for personal use.

Differences between the Free plan and Business plan - 

Differences between the Free Plan and Business Plan


Free Plan

Business Plan

Sign Up Fee

Free Forever

Rs. 5000 one time payment, added to credits

COD Shipping



Product Prices

B2B Pricing

B2B Pricing

Choose between multiple mock up styles



Automatic fulfillment of your store orders



Add orders to returns



Custom Branding (Your Brand)



Since Printrove is a white-label service, our brand name won't be mentioned anywhere on the product or the package.

Upgrading to the Business Plan

  1. Login to the Printrove merchant panel by clicking this link

  2. Enter your username and password or create a new account.

  3. Hover to the sidebar, click on upgrade to convert to the Business Plan.

  4. Rs. 5000 will be credited to your merchant account which can be used to pay for the orders you place. Once you upgrade, you shall have lifetime access to the plan. You shall not be required to recharge with the same amount if the credits are over. There's no minimum balance to be kept. 

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