What are the benefits of the Business Plan?

What are the benefits of the Business Plan?

Printrove offers two plans for their accounts; Free Plan and Business Plan. You can refer to the below table to understand the features available in both.

Free Plan
Business Plan
Sign up Fee
Free / Default
Rs. 5000
Product Prices
B2B Pricing
B2B Pricing
Return Order Storage
Mockup Style
Placing COD orders
Automatic fulfillment of store orders
Custom Branding
Self Shipping

To elaborate on the above table, the common features of both plans are as follows.
  1. B2B pricing- Both plans would have no difference in pricing.
  2. Return Order Storage- Your courier returns will be stored with Printrove for 30 days, free of charge, irrespective of the plan.
The features specifically available for Business Plan are as follows.
  1. Mockup Style- Multiple mockup styles will be available for your products.
  2. Placing COD orders- You can place COD orders
  3. Automatic fulfillment of store orders- You can automatically pull and confirm prepaid store orders.
  4. Custom Branding- You will be eligible to opt for Custom Branding.
  5. Self Shipping- You can self ship your orders.

How to upgrade to a Business Plan?

To upgrade to the Business Plan, you will be required to make a one-time payment of Rs. 5000, which will be added as credits. These credits can be utilised for placing orders.

All order-related payments at Printrove are debited and credited through the system of credits, which is non-refundable. However, you can utilise the same for personal use since you will have lifetime access to the same. You can refer to the following article to know more. How does Printrove charge you?

You can follow the steps below to upgrade to the Business Plan.

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Panel.

Step 2: Head over to the side bar and scroll down to the current plan to click on Upgrade.

Step 3: Complete the transaction to add Rs. 5000 as credits to the Printrove Account.

Done! Your account will be upgraded to the Business Plan instantly and you will have lifetime access to the same. You will now be able to use the amount/credits to place orders worth Rs. 5000.

You will not be required to maintain a minimum balance.

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