What is the difference between DTG and DTF printing technique?

What is the difference between DTG and DTF printing technique?

Printrove offers two different digital printing techniques for it's apparel products; DTG or Direct To Garment & DTF or Direct To Film. Thus, it's important to understand the key differences between the both to choose your default mode of printing technique. Here are some points to consider:

DTG / Direct To Garment
DTF / Direct To Film
   DTG printing involves printing the design directly onto the garment and is generally preferred for printing on natural fabrics like cotton.
  DTF printing involves printing onto a transfer film that is then applied to the garment and is more versatile and can be used on a wider range of materials.
   DTG prints have a softer feel, as the ink is directly absorbed by the fabric.
  DTF prints may feel slightly thicker due to the transfer film.
DTG printers use water-based inks that are absorbed by the fabric. The inks are of high quality and produce vibrant colors.
 DTF printers use eco-solvent inks that are printed onto the transfer film. The inks are of high quality and produce vibrant colors.
 DTG prints can withstand up to 15-20 washes if the wash care instructions have been followed
DTF prints can last for 20-25 washes or more if the wash care instructions are followed properly
 DTG printing for white-colored t-shirts is Rs. 0.8 per sq. inch with minimum printing charges of Rs. 80, while for colored t-shirts it's Rs. 1.5 per sq. inch with minimum printing charges of Rs. 120.
 DTF printing for all colored t-shirts is Rs. 1.2 per sq. inch with minimum printing charges of Rs. 100.

In summary, both DTG and DTF printing techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the two techniques depends on the specific requirements of the design and the type of material being printed. Thus, to understand your preference for a printing technique, you can place a sample order for both. 

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