Place a Manual Order on Printrove

How to place a Sample Order?

In this article, we're going to cover how to place a manual order on Printrove.

Ordering a sample is highly recommended before you start selling to your customers. You get to experience what your customers are going to experience when you place an order with us. 

Let's get started!

If you're a visual person, I recommend checking out the following video. It covers in detail everything we're going to cover. 

Adding products to the order

The first step to place an order is to add the products. There are two ways you can add products to your order.

1. Creating a new product

2. Load Products from the Printrove Product Library

Creating A New Product

Here is how to create a new product and add it to the order

From the Left Sidebar, go to Orders > Create order

This is what you will see.

Selecting Product

Under Create New Product, select the product category, and select the Product you want to place an order for.

Select the Colour and Size in the case of Apparels

Hover over the product icon that appears and click on Design to add the design.

In the product designer window that opens, in case of T-shirts and other apparel, there is an option to select the Front or Back view using the thumbnails on the left sidebar.

Once the view is selected, click on the Add Design button to open the Design Library.

Uploading Design

You can either upload a new design or choose from your existing designs

To place the design on the product, hover on the design, and click on Choose. Please wait for the design to show up on the product designer.

You can change the position of the design by simply dragging it. You can use the arrowheads to resize the design. Clicking on the bin icon will remove the design from the designer.

In case you are designing a t-shirt, you can adjust the height and width of the design in inches. Please note that the printing price is dependent on the total area of the design in square inches.

The pricing of the product is shown along with a complete breakup of the printing cost in case of tshirts.

Click Save to save the product.

You can save this product to the Printrove product library by clicking on the Add to Product Library button and entering the SKU for the same. This step is optional.

The Quantity field can be used to update the quantities of the product. The Total is updated automatically.

To add another product to the order, click on Add Another Product button.

Load Products From The Product Library

Here is how to add the product to the order from the Product Library

This method allows you to place an order for a product that is already saved in your Printrove Product Library. To learn how to add products to your product library, check out this article.

Loading Products from Product Library

From the Left Sidebar, go to Orders > Create order

Select the option Load from Product Library

Enter the Product SKU and click Load.

The product is automatically loaded

The Quantity field can be used to update the quantities of the product. The Total is updated automatically.

To add another product to the order, click on Add Another Product button.

Adding Multiple Products From the Product Library

You can also add products from your Product Library to order by going to Product Library > Manage Products.

You can then select all the products you want to create an order for and click on the Create Order button.

This will open the New Order page with all the products preloaded.

Shipping Details

Once you have added all the products to your order, scroll down and click Next. This takes you to the Order Details page. This page has the following fields

Reference Details

Order Reference Number - You can enter any text in this field. This is used to refer a particular Printrove order with your own order number. Generally, you should enter the order number you have received in your store in this field. For example, OD1001, SampleOrder1 etc

Total Retail Price - This is the total retail price at which you are selling this order. It is used for your profit calculations. This field is very important if you are shipping COD orders as this is the amount that is collected from the end customer.

Even if you are ordering samples, it is advised to enter the cost as the retail price so as to not skew the profit calculations.

Branding Options 

If you have opted for the branding options like Inner neck labels, pack ins etc., you will be shown toggles to switch it on or off. Please note that this is available only for the Business Plan users.

Shipping Method
Select the mode of shipping from this dropdown. The various types of Shipping Methods are

Standard Shipping - This mode of shipping is used for all the prepaid orders. You can use this mode of shipping when you have already collected the payment from your customer.

COD - This feature is available only for our Business Plan users who have verifed their bank account with us. Printrove sends this as a COD order and collects the Total Retail Price from the customer. This amount is then remitted to your bank account after 15 days.

International - This mode of shipping is used to ship the order outside India.

Pincode - When you select Standard Shipping or COD as the mode of shipping, a field to enter the pincode appears. Enter the destination pincode here to load the city, state and country.

Country - When you select International as the mode of shipping, you have to select the destination country from the dropdown.

Select Courier Company - Once you enter the pincode or select the country, a list of courier companies with their prices are shown. You can select a courier company of your choice or leave the default value selected.

Customer Name - Enter the full name of the customer

Split Street Address - You can use this feature to copy paste the entire street address of your customer. Clicking on the Split button will split the address into Address Line 1, Address Line 2 and Landmark.

Address Details - You can enter the street address, pincode and phone number of the end customer here. The fields have a character limit of 30.

Upload Invoice - In case you want us to print an invoice and attach it with your order, you can upload a PDF using this option. This is compulsory for International orders.

In case you have insufficient credits, there is an option to recharge. It takes you to a new window where you can make the payment and add the credits.

Once you are happy with the order, click on Place Order to place the order. You are shown a confirmation message that we have received the order.

Managing Orders

Now that you have placed your order, you'd be automatically be redirected to your manage orders.

Manage Orders View is exactly what it says. It gives you a view of all the orders you've placed with us. 

You can search for your order using your reference number or the Printrove order ID.

Clicking on the Bin icon next to the order will delete the order and refund the credits. Please note that you can only delete an order if it is not under processing.

Clicking on the Cart icon opens a popup with details about the products in the order and their statuses.

Clicking the Truck icon will open the Shipping Details popup. You can make changes to your customer details here. Please note that if an order is Ready to Dispatch, the shipping details cannot be updated.

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