How to Send an Invoice to your Customers from Printrove?

How to Send an Invoice to your Customers from Printrove?

As a Store Owner, it is always a good practice to send Invoices to your customers for the orders they place with you. It shows that you're a legitimate business and serves as an official record of the sale. 

By the end of this article, you would have a complete understanding of the methods available 
(E-invoice or Physical copy)  to send invoices to your customers. 

Please Note:

If you're here to learn about the invoices billed to you as a Merchant, you can refer to this article about Printrove's GST Invoices and how can you download the same from your Merchant Panel.

So let's get started!

Send an E-Invoice to your Customers:-

We highly recommend sending an e-invoice (soft copy) to your Customers via e-mail.

You help reduce the use of paper and in turn, save trees from being cut. Also, for your COD Orders, the E-Invoice serves as a reminder to your customers about the payment they need to make to the delivery executive. 

Recommended Apps/Plug-Ins for your Stores:-

  1. For Shopify , we recommend GST Invoice India by  WebPlanex.

    No need to import your Order Data into third-party software. This App fetches your Order Data and generates GST-ready Invoices. Once generated, this App will send automated customer emails in a PDF format.

    You can find the App 
    here .

  2. For WooCommerce/WordPress, we recommend Invoices for WooCommerce.

    This Plug-In automates the Invoicing process by generating and sending it to your customers. You can also decide when to share the Invoice with your customer, for instance, emails can be triggered when an Order has been marked as completed. 

    You can find the Plug-In here.

  3. For Merchants selling on Platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc, we recommend Zoho Invoice

    This software helps in crafting accurate invoices, enabling easy payments, and tracking and following up on transactions hassle free. The app version is also available on Google Play, Apple Store and Microsoft App Store for the sellers always on the move. 

    You can find the Plug-In here

Send a Physical Copy of the Invoice with your Orders:-

If you'd like to still send a physical copy of the Invoices along with your Orders, you can follow the steps below to Upload an Invoice copy to your Order on Printrove. 

Scenario 1: How to Upload an Invoice while Placing your Order?

Step 1 : Log in to your Printrove Account. 

Step 2 : Create a New Order from the Dashboard.

Step 3 : After you have updated the Design, Click on Proceed to Shipping. 

Step 4 : Click on Review Order at the bottom of the Page. 

Step 5 : You will find the U pload Invoice  option after the Shipping Details. Click on the button and proceed to Upload Invoice. 

That's it! Once Uploaded, we automatically take a printout of your U ploaded Invoice  and attach it to your Order for your Customers to see. 

Scenario 2: How to Upload an Invoice after the Order is placed?

Step 1:  Log in to your Printrove Account

Step 2 Hover to the Manage Orders section.  Click on the Order ID you want to Upload the Invoice for. 

Step 3 :  You will see a More Actions tab as shown below.

Step 4 Upload the Invoice PDF

That's it! Your Invoice is now ready to go with your Order!

However, if you wish to upload a
New Invoice due to inaccurate information/wrong invoice,  you will also find an option to Remove Invoice in the More Actions menu.

Important Note:
  1.  When can the invoice be uploaded on the Printrove Merchant Panel? 

    The invoices can be uploaded only before the Order has passed the Quality Check stage. This is because after the Quality Check stage, the Tracking Number is generated and the products are packed. You can learn about the processing stages here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Does Printrove automatically add any invoice to your orders? 
          By default, Printrove does not add the invoices for any of your Orders.

Hope now you can upload the Invoice to your Orders smoothly! 

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