How to Download Your GST Order Invoices from Printrove?

How to download GST Invoices for all your orders?

In this article, you will learn how to download the invoices from Printrove's Merchant Panel and find answers to frequently asked questions regarding invoices. 

How often are invoices generated for your orders? 

At Printrove, Invoices for all your orders are generated automatically every 30 days starting from the 1st of every month. So for all your orders shipped in April, you would see an invoice on the 1st of May.

Kindly note that you will see an invoice in the subsequent month only when the order has been "
shipped" in the previous month. 

You may want to refer to the below few examples for more clarity -

Scenario 1:
Order placed on - 14th of April
Order shipped on - 16th of April
Invoice Generated on - 1st of May

Scenario 2:
Order placed on - 29th of April
Order shipped on - 2nd of May
Invoice Generated on - 1st of June

How to download your Invoice from Printrove? 

Now that you have understood how invoices are generated, it's time to download the same from your Merchant Panel. 

Step 1: Log in to your Printrove Merchant Panel

Step 2: Hover to the Billing section from the Dashboard. 

Step 3: From the Billing Section, you can jump to the Invoices sub-section as shown below.

Step 4: That's it! Under Actions, you would be able to download the monthly invoice in a PDF format or an excel report. 

You can also filter the invoices based on the following three criteria -
  1. Credit Note
  2. Additional Services 
  3. Orders

How would your Invoice look like?

You can find a sample invoice here as well as attached to this article.

  1. The invoice contains all your business details as well as your GSTIN.
  2. To ensure that your invoices are generated accurately, you can update your GSTIN under the Settings > Business section > GSTIN.
  3. It is recommended to update your GSTIN as soon as you log in for the first time to avoid confusion in the future. 

In case you have updated your GSTIN/Business details but the same is not reflecting in your invoice, you can write to us at with the revised details so we can check this from the backend and fix it for you. 

Hope you can now download your invoices without any confusion! 

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