Pricing calculation for T-shirts

Pricing calculation for T-shirts

You can think of your pricing to be divided into four components : -

1. The base price of the product is the price of the plain garment which is Rs. 145 up to the 3XL size. For 4XL, the base price is 175 and for 5XL the base price is 185. While shipping plain garments, a handling charge of Rs. 30 is added to Rs. 145 making it Rs. 175. 
The printing price for t-shirts on Printrove is calculated per sq inch. 

2. Printing charges are calculated as Rs. 1.5 per square inch for coloured garments with a minimum printing charge of Rs. 120 and Rs. 0.8 per square inch for white garments with a minimum printing charge of Rs. 80. 

3. Goods and Services Tax is charged at 5% fo apparels on the sum of the base price and printing charges

4. Shipping is charged at flat Rs. 50 for a 500 gram package. Cash on delivery is available at Rs. 50 charged extra.

Final Price = Base Price + Printing + GST + Shipping

So for example, let's say you have a t-shirt design which is 10 by 10 inches -

The base price of a T-shirt is 145,

Printing charge would be 100 square inches * 1.5 = Rs. 150,  (assuming printing on a colored t-shirt)

The tax would be Rs. (295*5%) = Rs. 14.75 and

Shipping would be flat Rs. 50 (assuming prepaid)

Final Price -  Rs. 360. 

Still confused?

No problem, let us understand the pricing calculation in detail. We'll use the 'hustle' design file for this example

As you can see, this design has the word "hustle." in the center and is surrounded by grey and white boxes that represent transparent pixels. We have to make sure that the design is high-quality so that the print comes out well. 

The minimum resolution is 300 DPI. The design shown above is a very high-quality PNGimage (4496 x 2293 pixels)

The first rule to follow when creating designs for t-shirts is to always have a transparent background. Saving the image in PNG format makes sure that the transparency is maintained.

Now, let's see what happens when we upload this image onto the Design Library in the Printrove Merchant Panel.

You can see that the transparent pixels are now trimmed automatically and only the main content of the design remains. This is done to ensure that you are not overcharged for the transparent pixels in the design.

Note: The trimming process does not work when JPEG files are uploaded.

Let's go ahead and see what happens when we try to place an order with the trimmed design on Manage Orders > Create Order


Scenario 1: Printing a 10" width design

We have selected a Golden Yellow XL t-shirt and selected the hustle design by clicking the Upload button

The width of the design is automatically set to 10 inches and the height is automatically calculated based on the width and set as 2.35 inches.

Changing any one dimension will change the other dimension since the aspect ratio is always kept constant.

The total square inches, in this case, is 10 x 2.35= 23.5 sq. inches.

Let's see the pricing for this particular dimension of the design.

The printing price per square inch for dark color t-shirts is Rs. 1.5. 

Printing price would be calculated as 23.5 sq. inches. x 1.5 = Rs 35.25.  However, do you remember we have a minimum printing price slab of Rs. 120 for dark-colored t-shirts?

That's why you see the printing price as Rs. 120 in this case.

GST would be 5% on (145 + 120) = Rs. 13.25

Add them together, the total price of the t-shirt is Rs. 278.25


Scenario 2: Printing a 14" width design 

Now, let's look at a design with different dimensions. In this case, we are going to make the width to be the maximum, i.e 14 inches. 

You can see that when we enter the width as 14 inches, the height is automatically calculated to be 11.94 inches. The total square inches, in this case, is 13.9 x 11.94= 165.966 sq inches.

Let's see how the product price has changed.

The printing charges are 165.966 x 1.5 = Rs. 248.949 and the total product costs. Rs. 413.65.

This shows that the dimensions of the design have a big effect on the final product pricing.


Scenario 3: Printing a pocket-size design

In the next scenario, we are going to look at a design 6 inches wide and place it in the pocket area of the t-shirt.

The total square inches, in this case, is 6 x 1.33= 7.98 square inches.

Let's see how the product price has changed.

The total printing charges as per the calculation done earlier should be 0.8 x 7.98= Rs. 6.384.

 But the table shows the charges to be Rs. 80.

This happens because, for any t-shirt, there is a minimum printing charge. In the case of white t-shirts, it's Rs. 80, and for colored t-shirts, it's Rs. 120. 

Thus, in this case, Rs. 80 is the printing charge and the total product price is Rs. 236.25 

Hence, placing an order for a t-shirt on the Printrove Merchant Panel is very simple and you do not have to manage excel files or designs separately anywhere.

Get the price of the product instantly before placing the order. 

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