Creating Mockups on External Platforms like PlaceIt

Can I use Mockups from external platforms?

Printrove offers a feature of Mockup Generator, using which, you can design and create mockups for your orders. However, if you wish to opt for different styles and models, you can choose to upload mockups sourced from external platforms.

One such platform is Placeit. You can find multiple styles and attractive mockups to have your customers drooling over the product photos.

You can follow the steps below to upload Mockups sourced from external platforms.

For Shopify & WooCommerce Stores

Step 1: Complete the process of Pushing a product to your store by following the steps as guided in the article: How to Push, Sync or Save a product? 

Step 2: Delete or remove the Printrove mockups from the backend of your store and upload the new ones.

Step 3: Save the changes. 

Done! Your products have been updated with your preferred mockups.

For Custom-Built Stores

Step 1: Use the Save feature to create the product in the Product Library as shown in the following article. How to Push, Sync or Save a product? 

Step 2: Now create the product on your website and upload the new mockups.

Step 3: Copy - Paste the SKU from the Printrove Product Library to your website to sync the products.

Done! Your website has been updated with the preferred mockups.

To replicate the mockups sourced externally with the Printrove's apparel products, you can refer to the suggested article below for HEX codes.

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