What are the HEX codes of Apparel?

What are the HEX codes of Apparel?

HEX Codes are a hexadecimal method of representing a colour in RGB format by combining three values - the quantities of red, green, and blue in a certain shade of colour. 

They can be useful to understand the colour of a product on the screen, helping you design the product or creating mockups externally. You can refer to the HEX codes of Printrove's apparel products below.

Hex Codes
Butter Yellow 
Coffee Brown 
Liril Green 
Mustard Yellow
Charcoal Grey 
Golden Yellow 
Light Pink 
Melange Grey
Navy Blue
Olive Green
Royal Blue 
Sky Blue
Iris Lavender
Baby Blue
Mint Green
Dusty Rose

The above HEX codes are the closest match of our product colours. The real product may have slight variations since updating the HEX code is a manual process and the colour may look different on the screen compared to the actual product.

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