What is a Non Delivery Report?

What is a Non Delivery Report?

NDR or Non-Delivery Report is raised when an order is marked as undelivered by the courier partners due to the following reasons.
  1. Customer not contactable
  2. Incomplete address
  3. COD amount not ready
  4. Future delivery requested by the customer
  5. Self-pickup requested by the customer
  6. Customer refused delivery
  7. Door/premises/office closed
It acts as a communication between the seller, the courier partner, and the customer, notifying you of the reason for the unsuccessful delivery, allowing you and the customer to take an action accordingly. 

Why should you take action on NDR?

Taking an action on NDR increases the probability of your order being delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

How can the customer take action on the NDR?

The customer can request a re-attempt by submitting the NDR form shared with them over Email or SMS.

An NDR is also shared over WhatsApp through which they can update an alternate number, address or re-schedule delivery on a particular date.

Our logistics partner also initiates an IVR call to validate the NDR remark and register a re-attempt or cancellation request.

The re-attempt request submitted by the customer is also referred to as Buyer's Positive Response
To understand what action you can take on undelivered orders, as a seller, please refer to the suggested article.