How to take action on NDRs through the Merchant Panel?

What action should I take if an order is Undelivered?

What is NDR?

NDR or Non-Delivery Report is raised when an order is marked as undelivered by the courier partners due to various reasons. It acts as a communication between the seller, the courier partner, and the customer, notifying you of the reason for the unsuccessful delivery of your order and allowing you to take action accordingly. 

When an order goes undelivered, you or your customer can request a re-attempt of delivery or return the order back to Printrove’s facility in case your customer does not want the product.

Until now, the flow of taking an action on the NDRs was as follows:
  1. Order is Undelivered and an NDR is raised
  2. You reach out to the customer and forward the reattempt/return request to Printrove
  3. Printrove passes the request to the courier partners
  4. Reattempt or Return Action is taken for the order

With the addition of the NDR feature, we move out of the picture and improve communication efficiency by letting you submit re-attempt or return requests directly from your Merchant Panel to the courier partners.

With this feature in place, the flow of taking an action on the NDRs would be as follows:
  1. An Order is Undelivered and an NDR is raised
  2. You reach out to the customer and forward the reattempt or return request directly on the Panel to the courier partners
  3. Reattempt or Return Action is taken for the order

How to take action on NDR?

Read below to understand how you can put the NDR feature to use in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Log in to your Merchant Panel

Step 2: Head over to Manage Orders> NDR Page.

Here, you will be able to see all undelivered orders and the action icons beside them.

Step 3: Click on the icons and fill in the necessary details to take specific actions.

Types of NDR Actions and When to Use them:

You can take the following actions from your Merchant Panel for an undelivered order:
  1. Re-attempt - It allows you to request a re-attempt at delivery of an undelivered order by updating the necessary information.


  1. Fake Attempt - When a customer claims that the NDR remarks are incorrect, use the Fake remarks Button to escalate the delivery.  

  1. Return - When the customer has specifically rejected the order and will not accept the delivery, you can use the Return feature on the NDR Page. Once you request RTO, your order will be returned back to Printrove.

In case of Reattempt requests and Fake Attempt escalations, eligible proof of communication is mandatory.
Proof of communication can be in the form as follows:
  1. WhatsApp Chat Screenshot
  2. E-mail screenshot
  3. Voice recording in MP4 format  

Return action once taken for an order cannot be revoked.

Different Statuses of the NDR Process:

Action Pending- When an order is marked as undelivered, the NDR raised for it falls under the status of Action Pending by default. All NDRs under this status require action

Request Processing- Once you submit a re-attempt or fake attempt escalation, the status of the NDR will be updated to Request Processing.

Request Forwarded/ClosedThis is the end stage of the NDR and means that the required action has been taken.

An NDR under the status, Request Closed, denotes that an action has been taken by the buyer or the courier partners.

Currently, this feature is only available for Non-Delhivery orders. 

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