Managing Courier Return Orders - How to Reship Multiple Orders as One Order?

Managing Courier Return Orders - How to Reship Single and Multiple Orders ?

In this article, we're going to learn about managing your returned orders and how to reship multiple orders to a single address.

What is a Courier Return Order?

An order is marked as RTO (Returned to Origin) when the courier executive couldn't deliver your shipment to the end buyer. In this case, they mark the shipment as RTO and sent it back to the original pickup address. i.e Printrove's warehouse. 

Your return order can either be - Courier Return or Customer Return

1. Courier returns

Reasons for undelivered shipment

  1. Customer not contactable

  2. Incomplete address

  3. COD amount not ready

  4. Future delivery requested by the customer 

  5. Self-pickup requested by the customer 

  6. Customer refused delivery

  7. Door/premises/office closed

  8. Pincode not serviceable

2. Customer Returns

     Potential Issues

  1. Misprinting

  2. Damaged Items Sent.  

  3. Defective Items Sent

  4. Items Lost in Shipment

  5. Broken Products Received. 

  6. For all other cases

Kindly note that we do not accept any customer returns. To learn more about how you can deal with customer returns, you may refer to this article.

The default address for courier return orders would be - Printrove Products Private Limited,  Building No. 6, SSM Warehouse, No. 89, Grand Northern Trunk Rd, Madhavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600110

Once an order has been returned to our factory, it is added to the Returns. You can check your returned orders on your Merchant Panel > Orders > Manage Returns Page. 

When we receive the returned shipment, it will be updated in the Manage Returns page in the merchant panel and an update will be sent to you by email registered with us.

All your returned orders are kept for a period of 30 days in our warehouse, without any additional warehousing fee.

During those 30days, you can reship the order to any customer or to yourself, for a minimal re-shipping fee, post which the product will be discarded from our end and will be donated to charity.

Managing your Courier returned orders -

A) Reshipping a single order


You can reship a returned order to another customer or to yourself, for a minimal re-shipping fee, using the 'Reship' button on your Manage orders > Returns page.

Once you click on the Reship button, you can proceed with the customer details, shipping address, and mode of shipping.

Once the details are entered, you can make the payment using the available credits and confirm the order.

Reshipping is charged at Rs.59 per 500grams (This price is inclusive of 18% GST)

B) Reshipping Multiple Return Orders to a single address

During the Reship stage, you can even select multiple orders from the checkbox and compile them into one single order, and ship them to a single customer or to yourself, for a minimal re-shipping fee. This process of compiling multiple re-ship orders into one is termed as a 'Removal Order'

You can create a Removal Order from Merchant Panel > Manage Orders > Returns Tab > Select the Orders from checkbox and click on "Create Removal Order"

Once the details are entered, you can make the payment using the available credits and confirm the order.

Please Note: You cannot edit the reship orders on a product level.
For example: If your order has 3 UIDs, units in those orders cannot be edited or shipped separately.

Using a custom address for a return order is not possible currently, since not all courier companies allow it.

Post the 30 day period, if you wish for Printrove to stock it in their warehouse, you can move this to your inventory ( service coming soon )

You can also learn more about Managing Returns and Replacements of your orders here.

Hope this helps. If you have further queries, you can reach out to us by creating a ticket from the Merchant Panel. 

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