How to Re-Ship returned orders?

How to Re-Ship returned orders?

Courier returns are orders that were unsuccessful in delivery attempts and never reached the customer. These orders are marked as RTO (Returned to Origin) and sent back to the original pickup address, Printrove's Operation House. This guide will help you manage your returned orders and reship single or multiple orders to your preferred address.

What is a Courier Return Order?

A courier return order is marked as RTO when the delivery executive can't deliver your shipment to the end buyer. The shipment is then sent back to Printrove's Operation House.
Using a custom address for a return order is currently not possible, as not all courier companies allow it.

Reasons for Courier Returns:

  1. Customer not contactable
  2. Incomplete address
  3. COD amount not ready
  4. Future delivery requested by the customer
  5. Self-pickup requested by the customer
  6. Customer refused delivery
  7. Door/premises/office closed
  8. Pin code not serviceable
To deal with Customer Returns, please refer to the following article. How to deal with customer exchanges through Reverse Pickups?

An order is added to your returns within 24-48 hours of it being RTO Delivered. You can view and manage these orders from the Merchant Panel by heading over to Manage Orders> Returns.

You can enable email notifications for updates when an order is added to your returns by heading over to Settings> Notifications.

Managing Returned Orders

Once an order is added to your returns, it is stored by Printrove for 30 days, free of charge.  During this, you can choose to reship them to another customer or to yourself for a minimal reshipping fee. Once the 30-day period ends, the order is disposed of/donated to charity.

Reshipping a single order

Step 1: Under the Returns section on the Manage Orders page, click on the Reship icon against a single order to ship it to a preferred address. You can refer to the image below for reference.  

Step 2: Enter customer details, shipping address, and mode of shipping.

Step 3: Make the payment using available credits and confirm the order.
Reshipping is charged at Rs. 60 + 18% GST.

Reshipping Multiple Return Orders to a Single Address

You can select multiple orders during the Reship stage and compile them into one order, termed a 'Removal Order.'

Step 1: Create a Removal Order from the Merchant Panel by heading over to Manage Orders> Returns> Select Orders from the checkbox and click on "Create Removal Order." You can refer to the image below.

Step 2: Enter details, make the payment using available credits, and confirm the order.

Please note that you cannot edit reship orders on a product level. For example, units within an order cannot be edited or shipped separately.

We hope this guide helps you manage and reship your returned orders efficiently. 

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