What does undelivered 1st attempt mean in shipping and what action should I take on it?

What does undelivered 1st attempt mean in shipping and what action should I take on it?

When the order is out for delivery for the first time and is not delivered to the customer for any of the reasons below, it is marked as undelivered 1st attempt. In such cases, the customer receives a mail with the re-attempt link in which they must take action by selecting the date for re-attempt. If the customer fails to take any action, you can request for a re-attempt and more through the NDR page on the Merchant Panel.

Read more about the NDR page here- How to take action on NDRs through the Merchant Panel?

Reasons for undelivered shipment

  • Customer not contactable

  • Incomplete address

  • COD amount not ready

  • Future delivery requested by the customer 

  • Self-pickup requested by the customer 

  • Customer refused delivery

  • Door/premises/office closed

Note - No. of attempts made by different courier companies vary. Few make 3 attempts before the order is marked RTO and few are marked RTO after the 1st attempt. 

What action do I take on the undelivered orders?

When the order status is undelivered 1st attempt, reach out to your customer to know if he/she has received any call from the courier executive or was a delivery attempt made. We require a call recording or a screenshot of the conversation you have with your customer to escalate the order for delivery. On failing to provide any call recording or screenshot, we cannot assure if an action will be taken on the shipment. 

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