International Shipping with Printrove

How to sell internationally with Printrove?

By the end of this article, you will find out about different  International Shipping Partners available with Printrove along with the  Terms and Conditions to sell your products internationally. 

To expand your market reach and scale up your brand, you can consider selling your products internationally. Thanks to the internet, shoppers will never hesitate from buying beyond borders! 

Let's begin!

International Shipping Partners:-

1. Aramex International

Aramex International offers shipping services up to 15 Kgs with Milestone Tracking. It also provides service to E-Commerce sellers by shipping to over 220 countries while providing maximum value for your shipments at economical rates. 

2. Shiprocket International

Shiprocket is a reputed shipping aggregator offering shipping services across India and now have spread their wings to cater to an international audience as well.  With a wide reach, maximum connections, and cheapest rates, they have connected with brands like DHL, Aramex, and FedEx supporting this platform, there is no doubt even economical Global Shipping will be a dream come true for many.

3. DHL Express

DHL is known to be the world's leading courier services delivering to locations in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, It is also heard to be one of our fastest international delivery services currently in India, providing delivery to 30 key destinations around the world. DHL offers cost-effective shipping for up to 3 0 kgs and Delivery Confirmation. 

4. India Post

This service by India Post is for corporate and retail customers to provide economical and fast merchandise services to International Audience. 
All the services provided by Indiapost are reliable, safe, and effective means to send your items to overseas locations. However, being a Government Entity, we do not have a complete hold over their services.

We would further recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions of India Post before shipping your orders through India Post. 

Please note that due to recent policy changes at our logistics partners' end, courier companies, Shiprocket International and Aramex International, have been temporarily put on hold until further updates.

Compare Tracking Reliability, Delivery TAT, Weight Limit, etc.

Aramex International 

Shiprocket International

DHL Express

 India Post
Tracking Reliability

Tracking with delivery reliability of around 95%End-to-End Tracking with delivery reliability of 95%Tracking with delivery reliability of around 95%Tracking with delivery reliability of around 100%

Maximum Retail Price 

 Up to 25000 INR
Up to 25000 INR

Up to 25000 INR

Up to 25000 INR

Weight Limit

15 KG
10 KG30 KGS2 KG
Claim Value if Lost

100$ or Invoice value, whichever is lowerNil as of now  
Claims can be made for lost or damaged parcels.
Click here to learn more.
Printrove is not responsible for any packages lost in transit and is not liable to pay the order amount.

Pick Up TAT

24-48 Hrs

24-48 Hrs24-48 Hrs72 Hrs
Delivery TAT

10-14 days

13-15 Days 4-5 days
Registered Parcel -
Deliveries are estimated to take somewhere between 20 to 30 days.
Terms and Conditions for India Post International Shipping:-

1. Dispatching orders through India Post might take 1-2 days additionally than other courier partners.
2. Printrove is not responsible for any packages lost in transit and is not liable to pay the order amount.
3. All tracking-related issues have to be coordinated with India Post directly.
4. Orders will be shipped via India Registered Post only.
5. Printrove will not be responsible for broken tracking links.

Here's an example of the shipping rates of all the available couriers up to 2KG parcel to the United Kingdom.

Mandatory Requirements to Sell Internationally with Printrove:-

Below stated are two   prerequisites  that are compulsory to sell your products Internationally through Printrove: 

1. GSTIN Registration

When the products that are shipped internationally are taxable, the shipping charges applied to transport those products are also taxable depending on the rate of Tax. Hence GST is necessary to Sell Internationally. 

The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption.

You can complete your GST registration online with the help of your CA. 

However, If you’re somebody who’s just looking to start a dropshipping business or if you are already up and running, Printrove’s partnership with Cleartax gives you the expert advice and support you need to launch quickly. Be it GST, business registration, or trademarks, all of this and much more at exclusive discounts. 

If you require expert assistance, you can check our partnership with Cleartax by clicking  here.

2. Invoice

The invoice is a compulsory requirement to sell internationally which is sent with your order and contains information about the items in your order. It is required for customs clearance without which the order cannot leave the country. Your invoice should contain your GST Number & Customer's Shipping Details with Address and Contact Number.

An Invoice shows that you are a legitimate business and serves as an official record of the Sale. 

To know how to generate an E-Invoice along with the steps to upload an invoice to your order, please click  here.

International Shipping Prices:-

In this section, you will learn about weight-wise international shipping prices for various countries for all the courier partners available with us. Please note that the shipping prices are updated automatically on a real-time basis. 

Please click here to check the International Shipping Prices. 

For any other queries, please reach out to us at .

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