Reasons behind your orders getting Undelivered and RTO'd

Reasons behind your orders getting Undelivered and RTO'd

In this article, we take a deep dive into why do your orders go undelivered and what actions our shipping partners take to ensure successful deliveries.

Calls before attempting delivery

Before we proceed any further, we would like to inform you that our delivery executives don’t make calls before making every attempt unless it is absolutely required. They are instructed to make a blind attempt, by going right to the customers' doorstep and making the delivery.

If it is required, they make a call. But since they make the call through their personal numbers, it is not logged and will not be seen in the tracking link.

Therefore, it is impractical to expect to see the "call made log" in the tracking link. We can trust the delivery executives to do their job well and to back this, we see a successful delivery rate of about 95% on all our orders placed with our shipping partners.

Call Logs and Recording of the Courier Executive:-

Please note that
we're trying our best to encourage the shipping partners to initiate as many calls as possible from the system so we can see the duration log. It's also impossible to obtain the recording since the IVR systems with this feature of call recording have poor connectivity and most calls go missed.

Due to this reason, shipping partners don't prefer to use any IVR-based calling software.

Out for Delivery

When the order is out for delivery, an email is sent to the customer and an SMS along with the delivery person’s contact details. If they want to reschedule the delivery then, they can contact the executive and ask them to deliver the order on a future date.

Attempted Delivery

Once an attempt has been made after the order is out for delivery, you will either see it to be
Undelivered with the reason for the same on the tracking link or see it to be Delivered.

These updates cannot be considered as fake as our shipping partners follow strict guidelines before marking any order as undelivered.

If your customer reports
otherwise, please share with us a proof of conversation with the customer in the form of a call recording or screenshot clearly stating that they didn’t receive any call/message, and we will cross-check the same with the shipping partners.

In any case, a delivery re-attempt cannot be guaranteed if the shipping partner has made all three attempts for delivery.

Undelivered - Buyer Positive Response

Once the order is marked as undelivered, your customer receives an IVR call requesting their feedback and response in real-time. With this, we also send an automated SMS, WhatsApp Message, and an email to your buyer, where we ask them if the courier's response is right. They can also correct their delivery address and contact details here if required.

When your buyer takes an action on the above IVR call and/or email to re-attempt, it is called a Buyer's Positive Response. (BPR) We see about
50% of the customers take necessary action on the above emails and calls and these cases do not require any action from the Merchant's end.

Even where the BPR is not available, our shipping partners
automatically schedule a re-attempt irrespective of the BPR status in the next 24 to 48 hours.

So, even if no action is taken from your end, the re-attempt will happen as promised and our shipping partners will try for maximum delivery success.

BPR View for Merchants:-

We understand that currently, you can't see whether there is a BPR on your order. 
We are in talks with our courier partners to understand how this can be made available to you.

ODA - Out of Delivery Area

If the order is marked as Out of Delivery Area due to the wrong address being entered or the pin code being unable to reach, you will see the remark - “Pending - Consignee to collect from branch” in the tracking link and an email goes to the end-customer immediately with the hub details. 

If you still like to get the hub details from us, you can raise a ticket and we’ll get back in the
next 24 hours positively with a contact number, if available.

Please note that our shipping partners will hold the shipment in the hub
only for the next 48 hours from the time it has been marked as ODA due to the heavy workload so it's advisable for the end-customer to pick the product as soon as possible. Once this timeframe has passed, the order will be marked RTO.

If you want to
avoid orders being marked as ODA, you should insist your customers as much as possible to enter the correct pin code and ensure that the format for entering the address to be Plot no/Building No/Flat No, Road/Street, Landmark, and finally the Pincode.

Additionally, these updates
cannot be considered as bogus as our shipping partners follow strict guidelines before marking any order as ODA.

Our data shows that only about 0.45% of the total orders shipped in the last 15 days were marked as ODA by the shipping partners. 

Customer Refused Delivery

When the order is undelivered, an automated email, IVR, and an SMS go to the end customer to re-attempt the order or return it if they don’t need the order.

So if you see the undelivered reason as “Customer Refused”, then it is because the end-customer has requested cancellation.

When they request cancellation, an
OTP is sent to the end customer clearly stating that this will lead to cancellation of their delivery. Only when they share it with the delivery executive, the order can be marked as refused.

In cases where the OTP is not available, our delivery executives call your customer and confirm the cancellation before marking it as refused.

We consider the above points to be fair and reasonable and don't take any responsibility for the order being returned.

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