How to set up your Brand with Printrove?

How to set up your Brand with Printrove?

Printrove offers a simple 4-step process for establishing your brand. You can add your company, brand name, and business address to the Merchant Panel by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Log in to your Printrove Merchant Panel.

Step 2: Go to Settings and click on Business.

Step 3Add your Company's name, Brand name and business address.

The brand name will be mentioned on the shipping label for all your orders.

Step 4Click on Save Changes.

Adding a GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is not a mandatory requirement.

Since Printrove is a white-label company,  we do not include any branding by default. Thus, it is essential to add your Business details in the Printrove Merchant Account to be able to place orders. 

If your brand name has not been finalised, you can add a temporary brand name and edit it later by following the steps mentioned above.

That's it! We are done setting up your brand and are all ready to start placing orders.

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