How can I work with Printrove as an Amazon Seller?

How can I work with Printrove as an Amazon Seller?

Are you an Amazon seller looking to work with Printrove's print-on-demand services? You've come to the right place! While integrating your Amazon Seller Account with Printrove is currently not possible, you can still place orders manually.

To upload your products on Amazon, you can use our Mockup Generator to download and upload Mockups manually on your Amazon Store. Furthermore, to make the manual ordering process easier, you can Save products in the Product Library and follow the steps guided in the article as follows. How can I place my Amazon orders with Printrove?
It's important to note that marketplaces like Amazon have strict dispatch timelines, and Printrove's processing time for an order is 2-4 working days, subject to quality check. To help you meet Amazon's dispatch timelines, Printrove offers a feature that generates a tracking ID for an order. This tracking ID can be shared on the Amazon Seller Portal, allowing you to extend dispatch timelines to more than 2 days and avoid order cancellations.

When it comes to shipping, you have several options. You can choose to self-ship with Amazon and select Printrove Shipping or partner with a third-party shipping company. Alternatively, you can opt for Easy Ship, which requires you to have a GSTIN registered in the State of Tamil Nadu to enable pickup from Printrove.

In summary, while there is currently no integration between Amazon Seller Accounts and Printrove, you can manually upload the products, place orders and take advantage of our tracking ID feature to extend dispatch timelines. We offer multiple shipping options, including Printrove Shipping, third-party shipping, and Easy Ship.

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