Understanding SKU in the Printrove Product Library

Understanding SKU in the Printrove Product Library

What is an SKU?

  • Abbreviation of Stock Keeping Unit.
  • It is used to uniquely identify the product in any store.
  • No Two different Items can have the same SKU.
  • All eCommerce platforms have a mandatory field called SKU to uniquely identify the product.

What is an SKU made of?

In the case of print-on-demand products, there are two major components that the SKU has to indicate.

  • Product Code
  • Design code

These codes have to be there in every SKU for a product that is available in the store to uniquely identify it.  

For example :

PR140IP6 - Here, IP6 is the product code and PR140 is the design code.

How does the SKU connect a product between Printrove and your Store?

The Product SKU enables you to map your products on your e-Commerce store to the products in the Printrove Product Library.

 Advantage :

  • You do not have to link products individually from your store to Printrove.
  • You can name your products with the product code and design codes and upload them to the SKU library where all products are mapped to corresponding product type and design codes.

SKU - PR140IP6

  • Here, IP6 is the product code, which tells Printrove that the product is an iPhone 6 phone case.
  • PR140 represents the design code which tells the Printrove that the design that has to be printed is PR140.
Now that you have understood the importance of SKU, let's show you how to add products to the Printrove Product Library.

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