Proof of Delivery | Order status shows delivered but the customer has not received the order

What should I do when my customer has not received the order after it has been marked delivered?

Hello Merchpreneur!

Have you been facing an issue where your order status shows Delivered but your customer seems to not have received the order?  If yes, then you are at the right place.  In this article, we would be addressing how to deal with such issues. 

What is the Proof of Delivery? 

Let us introduce you to the concept of Proof of Delivery.

A Proof of Delivery or P.O.D. (pronounced P.O.D.) is a receipt that establishes the receiver’s acknowledgement of the freight received in good condition. 

In simple words, proof of delivery is the evidence that you have received the order. 

Different kinds of Proof of Delivery :

1) Paper Invoice: It requires the receiver to sign an acknowledgement upon receiving the product.

2) E-P.O.D: This document refers to electronic proof of delivery. The courier executive usually carries a device that requires the receiver to sign a document confirming shipment electronically. It is better than the paper P.O.D. because it offers other features, like, geotagging, real-time status updates, and of course, saves paper in the process.

More and more shipping companies are opting for e-P.O.D instead of continuing with the old-school paper method. It’s easy, tech-savvy, and efficient while recording the notes and remarks/information related to the freight.

You can find a few samples of the P.O.D. below.

Sample 1: POD sign 

Sample 2: OTP P.O.D

A POD Dispute cannot be raised for OTP-verified deliveries since the delivery of the order is verified by sending a message to the buyer's registered phone number. 

How to raise a POD Dispute? 

You can reach out to our support by sending us an email at from your registered email ID. Please make sure that you mention the correct order ID that can be found in the Manage orders section.  

Kindly make sure that you request the P.O.D Dispute within 72 hours from the time of delivery. If not requested within the time frame, the shipping company would not honor your claim.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any issues, please get in touch with our support at

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