Fulfill a Shopify order

Fulfill a Shopify order

This article explains how you can fulfill an order that you have received on your store.

Steps to Fulfill Shopify Order

  1. On your Printrove Merchant Panel go to Orders > Store Orders
  2.  Click on the Pull Shopify Orders button
  3. This will pull all your unfulfilled orders from your Shopify Store.
  4. The order can either be Synced or Unsynced. A synced order means that the products within this order are already mapped to a product in the Printrove Product Library.
  5. An Unsynced order means there are one or more products within the order that are not mapped to the products in the Product Library.
  6. In the Unsynched order tab, click on View Products. You can see a list of product SKUs that are not mapped. You can add these products to your Product Library by following the instructions here
  7. Once the products are added, click on the Sync button to move the order to the Synched tab.
  8. You can click on the Shipping Details button to resolve any issues, verify or change the shipping details of the customer or to add an invoice to the order.
  9. Once done, click on the confirm button to place the order. You can even select multiple orders and fulfill them together.
  10. Once the order is confirmed, it is sent to Printrove for processing.
  11. When the tracking number is updated by our Operations team and the order is marked as completed, the order on your Shopify store is also marked as completed and the tracking details are updated. 
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