Technical error guide for your respective stores.

Technical error guide for your respective stores.

In this article we have addressed a few errors you as merchants may frequently face.

Errors that you may come across and how to solve them by yourself .

1. Orders from Shopify/WooCommerce not reflecting on Printrove

For an order to be pulled from Shopify / WooCommerce to Printrove, two conditions have to be fulfilled.

1. The product within the order should have an SKU 

2. The vendor name of the product should have Printrove. 

Here's how to add a vendor name to your respective stores :
1. For Shopify store owners.
2. For WooCommerce store owners.

Please ensure these two conditions are fulfilled and place a test order for a product.

1. How to place a test order on Shopify.
2. How to place a test order on WooCommerce

Then, go to Manage Orders > Store Orders and click on Pull Shopify/WooCommerce Orders button.


Please note that if you have updated the vendor name after the order was placed, then Shopify/WooCommerce does not update the old orders. Please place a new test order and check if the orders are being pulled.

2. Error while pushing products to Shopify/WooCommerce

Error while pushing products

How do you go troubleshooting this error?

Firstly, You will have to use a valid domain name to connect your store to Printrove. You cannot connect using the IP address.


Secondly, to resolve this issue:


1. Uninstall the Printrove app on your Shopify store.

2. Reinstall the Printrove app on your Shopify store.


Please note that this will not affect your existing data. Clear cache and repeat process in incognito mode.


If this article still doesn't help you, please feel free to write us at and kindly attach screenshots of the error you're facing.


3. Few frequently asked questions 


Q1. Is variant limitation set by Printrove or Shopify? And what is the limitation?

A: The variant limitation is set by Shopify and not Printrove.

Shopify does not allow more than 100 variants for a product.



Q2. While trying to integrate Woo commerce to Printrove,'Error: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds' appears.

A: This is an issue related to your store and it is outside our scope of support.

We would suggest getting help from the online community of your store to resolve this.


Q3. What should be the 'max_input_vars' to be able to push products on a Woo Commerce store?

A: The recommended minimum value is 3000.

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