The ultimate sizing guide - How to tackle size issues for your brand?

The ultimate sizing guide - How to tackle size issues for your brand?

Need help with sizing ?

You made a sale but your customer was not satisfied with the size of the t-shirt.

Here's how you can go about troubleshooting the issue -

1. Inch Tape.
2. Camera.

Step 1: You will have to ask your customer to measure the length and the chest of the t-shirt they received with an inch tape.

Step 2: Compare it with the size guide on Printrove

Scenario 1: The measurements match the Printrove size guide.

‚ÄčIf the product delivered to your customer, for example a 'Large' size t shirt matches the measurements provided by our size guide for a 'Large' size, we shall not be liable to issue a free replacement because it does not fall under the purview of 'Quality issue : Sizing'. 

According to our return policy, since the product delivered to the customer is in perfect condition and matches our size guide, it would be your decision to accept a return from the customer. Printrove would not refund such orders.

Suggestions: How to move about in such a scenario.

There're a couple of ways you could make the most out of this. Below mentioned are a few workarounds. 

You can ask the customer to return the product back to your place and choose to do the following:

1. Use to click pictures for your social media pages.

2. Use it by sending the product across to an influencer to boost marketing.
3. Use these products by clubbing them with special offers (Buy one, Get one).

Note : It would be ideal if you as a merchant could recreate an article similar to this one for your website to avoid further sizing complaints and returns. Win-Win isn't it?

Scenario 2 : The measurements do NOT match the Printrove size guide.

But on the contrary, if the product sent by us to the end customer does match the same sizing provided by us on our size guide, we will provide a free replacement to your end customer.
Note : The issue needs to be communicated to Printrove within 10 days upon the delivery of the product.

Requirements for the replacement would be as follows : 

  1. Write us an email at
  2. Mention the following details : Order ID and UID, along with pictures of the product being measured with an inch tape - Chest and Length inches.













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