What are the different shipping statuses after an order is dispatched?

What are the different shipping statuses after an order is dispatched?

Pickup Scheduled-  An order for which the Pickup Request has been generated and sent to the courier company is marked with the status 'Pickup Scheduled'

Pickup error-  The Pickup Error status is marked when the pickup has not yet been generated due to incorrect order details or some technical issue with the API. 

Out for Pick Up-  This status is updated when the courier company is out to pickup your parcel.

Pickup Exception-  The status Pickup exception is marked when the courier company attempted pickup and couldn't complete it due to some reason.

Pickup Rescheduled - The status Pickup rescheduled can be observed when the courier company was not available for pickup on a particular day. In such case, the pickup is automatically scheduled for the next day.

Order Picked Up - The order has been picked up from the Printrove factory. 


In-transit - The tracking status 'in transit' means that your item is on its way to the destination hub. 

Out for Delivery - Out for Delivery means that your package has left the nearest hub/center of the courier partner for the destination address(Delivery Address). This status can be seen on the day of delivery. Do expect your package the day when you see this status

Undelivered 1st/2nd/3rd Attempt - When the order is out for delivery for the first time and is not delivered to the customer for any of the reasons below, it is marked as undelivered 1st attempt.

Reasons for undelivered shipment

  • Customer not contactable

  • Incomplete address

  • COD amount not ready

  • Future delivery requested by the customer 

  • Self-pickup requested by the customer 

  • Customer refused delivery

  • Door/premises/office closed

Delivered - When the order is out for delivery and is delivered to your customer. 

RTO (return To Origin) Initiated -  This refers to the non-deliverability of a package and it returns to the seller's address 

RTO delivered - The order has been delivered to the seller’s address.

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