What are the shipping policies?

What are the shipping policies?

As Printrove does not have any logistics company of its own and is reliable on 3PL's (3rd Party Logistics) for shipping there are a certain policies that we follow,

  1. The shipping charges for your orders will be calculated on the total order weight.
  2. The delivery timelines will depend on the location and mode of transport (Air and Surface) chosen for the order. Please note that the delivery timelines may differ depending on the courier company as well.
  3. The Estimated Delivery Date updated on the tracking page is an approximate derived by evaluating multiple factors. You can expect the order to be delivered before or after the EDD suggested.
  4. All orders are attempted for delivery thrice, by default, in case of unsuccessful delivery. However, in case of cancellation requested by the customer, the order cannot be escalated for a re-attempt.
  5. The order will be initiated for RTO by default after 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts.
  6. All RTO initiated orders will be delivered to Printrove, by default.
  7. Orders not attempted for delivery due to natural calamities are ineligible for a freight refund.
  8. COD orders are eligible for a freight refund only if we have received BPR (Buyer's Positive Response) from the customer in response to the last delivery attempt made through the NDR.
  9. If an order has been attempted to be delivered with damaged packaging, the customer is required to reject the delivery.
  10. All disputes related to Damages during transit must be raised within 48 hours of delivery with unboxing videos. Courier partners shall entertain claims related to damage only if negative remarks are mentioned on the POD copy. Printrove will not be liable for any damages during transit.
  11. Disputes regarding Fake delivery must be raised within 24 hours of the delivery attempt.
  12. Printrove will not make any refunds or re-ship a product if any order is undelivered due to miscellaneous reasons and processed for RTO.
  13. All Proof Of Delivery (POD) Dispute cases need to be raised within 48 hours of delivery.
  14. In case an order has been marked Lost, the refund for the retail price will be processed through Printrove credits. The refund will be initiated once it has been processed by the logistics partner, which can take up to 7-9 days.
  15. Printrove is not liable to offer any compensation for misbehavior, damages, lost orders, negative experiences, delays or unsuccessful deliveries from the courier partner's end.

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