Sample Branding Kit - Ordering a Sample for Custom Branding

Sample Branding Kit - Ordering a Sample for Custom Branding

In this article, we're going to learn how you can place a sample order for custom branding.

Branding helps to establish an identity that sets you apart from your competition and sparks a connection with your audience. 

It helps you to connect with your audience at an emotional level, stimulates a unique experience for them, and breathes loyalty.

If you're still confused about opting for Custom Branding with Printrove, you can simply order a Sample Branding Kit and see for yourself!

What is a Sample Brand Kit?

A Sample Brand Kit is a resource kit that can help you understand what branding options would suit you. The kit includes Printrove's six branding options that you can use as a brand identity.

Is it important to order a Sample Kit?

Custom Branding involves initial investment and before you indulge in Branding, it is highly recommended that you order a sample kit for yourself so you can understand how branding works and what elements should you be choosing for yourself.

A sample kit acts as an essential visual element, it is important to know how your logo(s), font(s), color palette would look when it is infused
into your orders.

What does the Brand Kit include? 

The brand kit includes Printrove's six branding options-

  1. Inside Neck Label
  2. Outside Neck Label
  3. Hangtag
  4. Branded Pack-in
  5. Branded Sticker
  6. Polybag

  1. Inside Neck Label

  1. Outside Neck Label

  1. Hangtag

  1. Branded Pack-ins

  1. Branded Sticker

  1. Polybag

What is the price of the Sample Brand Kit?

You can get the Sample Brand Kit for Rs. 349  (The price is inclusive of Shipping and GST)

How can I place an order for the Sample Brand Kit?

You may first place a sample order with us and let us know the Order ID  so that we can add the branding options to your sample order.

To let us know the same, you can raise a ticket with us at from your registered Email ID, with the subject line being - "Sample Branding Kit"

Lastly, once you send us the ticket, a payment link will be provided to you in the Email. On confirmation of the payment, the sample brand kit will be attached to your Order.

Kindly Note:

A generic sample brand design will be used to infuse the brandings on your order. Your design files cannot be printed in Sample Branding due to the restrictions with the printing technology.

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