Placing T-shirt orders

Placing T-shirt orders

Carefully placing orders for t-shirts will help you get the price drastically reduced.


  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop
  • PSD and PNG design file


Follow the steps to place t-shirt orders effectively:

Step 1: Login to your Merchant panel and start creating an order.

Step 2: Select the category as ‘Men round neck Tshirts’.

Step 3: Select the product from the dropdown (Named with t-shirt colors and sizes).

Step 4: Click Upload design select the PNG design file you created.

This is how you have to prepare the PNG design file.

Step 5: In the upload popup, add the tag as ‘Tshirts’, and click Upload files.

Step 6: You will be able to see the selected t-shirt and the design in the visual inspector on the right side. You get a live preview in this visual inspector. The height and width of the print area are relative to the t-shirt size.

Step 7: You can click-hold-drag the design to adjust its placement and size on the t-shirt. By default, the design on the t-shirt loads on the visual inspector with a width of 10 inches and the height is automatically gets adjusted according to the aspect ratio. You can control the height and width by entering the size in inches. The design automatically resizes proportionality.

Step 8: Once the Product details are added, fill up the reference details and shipping mode.

Step 9: You can review the entire order in the Order summary table below, check the available credits and click on Place Order to place the order. Please make sure that you have enough credits in your account before you place an order.


You can refer to this article to understand how the pricing is calculated for t-shirts. 

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