Integrating WooCommerce with Printrove

Integrating WooCommerce with Printrove

Printrove now directly integrates with your WooCommerce application. This lets you push new products directly from the merchant panel. Also, the orders that you receive on your store are also pulled into the merchant panel with a click of a button. You won't have to place each order manually.

Here are the steps to integrate WooCommerce with Printrove


  1. Update your WooCommerce to the latest version. This is compulsory.
  2. Make sure you are using Pretty permalinks in Settings > Permalinks so that the custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work. To learn more about Pretty Permalinks please click here.
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API and Enable the option.

Steps to connect Printrove to WooCommerce

  1. Go to Store on your Printrove Merchant Panel.
  2. Click on WooCommerce > Connect
  3. Enter the complete URL of your WooCommerce store without any trailing "/" - eg.
  4. Once you click Connect, you are taken to your store backend to give the required permissions. If you are not already logged into to your store admin, you will have to log in.
  5. Click on Approve to allow Printrove access to your store.
  6. Once the store is connected, you will be shown a message that the store is connected successfully with Printrove.
  7. Check out the common troubleshooting steps that are given below to make sure your WooCommerce store is correctly integrated with Printrove. 

Steps to disconnect your WooCommerce store

In case you want to remove your store, or connect a new store, please follow these steps.

  1. Go to Store on your Printrove Merchant Panel.
  2. Click on Disconnect to disconnect your store.
  3. This will disconnect your store from Printrove. You can now go ahead and connect a new store.
Auto Pull Orders
This feature enables the orders to be pulled automatically into Printrove as soon as they are placed on your store. To enable this feature, go to Store and enable the Auto Pull Orders from WooCommerce option.

Auto Place Prepaid Orders
This feature enables the prepaid orders to be automatically placed on Printrove as soon as they are placed on your store. The orders are only placed if there is sufficient credits in your Printrove account. To enable this feature, go to Store and enable the Auto place prepaid orders option.


  1. Check if your Wordpress and WooCommerce plugin is updated to the latest version.
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API and check if the option is enabled.
  3. Go to Profile > WooCommerce Store. Try changing your URL from https:// to http:// and click on update to check the connection. Sometimes, the SSL certificate issued for your domain blocks the API requests.
  4. Make sure that the URL does not have any trailing /. The URL should be in the format of or
  5. Make sure you are not using the default permalinks. On your WooCommerce backend, go to Settings > Permalinks and make sure that the default option is not selected.
  6. When pushing a product with a lot of variants, the data sent to your store is very big. Certain servers set a limit to the number of input values it can accept. This value is stored in the PHP configuration file under max_input_vars. Increase this value and try pushing the products again. Here is a nice article explaining how to increase the max_input_vars.
  7. Sometimes, certain plugins interfere with the API calls. Try disabling all the plugins except WooCommerce and try testing the connection.

After the store is successfully connected, proceed to add products to your WooCommerce Store. Learn more about how to do it

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