Integrate your Wix Store with Printrove

Integrate your Wix Store with Printrove

If you're a Wix store owner and looking to integrate your store with Printrove, then you've come to the right place!

Currently, we do not have One-Tap integrations with Wix. Till then you can use Product SKU Method or Printrove's API Documentation as workarounds, to make life a little easier.

1) Product SKU Method 

What is an SKU?
  1. Abbreviation of Stock Keeping Unit.
  2. All E-Commerce platforms have a mandatory field called SKU to uniquely identify the products.
  3. No Two different Items can have the same SKU.

When you have SKUs set for all your products, you can quickly place orders on Printrove and save time. Following is a step-by-step guide to set the SKUs for your product(s):

Step 1:  Log in to your Merchant Panel.

Step 2:  Navigate to the Product Library and click on " Add Product"

Step 3: You will then see the three ways of adding the products, you can click on " Save " for this case.

Step 4: Select the Category and the Product under the category. 

Step 5: Choose the colors and sizes that you would like to save, add your design and click on "Proceed"

In this case, we are using Men's Half Sleeves T-shirt, Sizes - Small, Medium, Large

Step 6: You can then name your Product and type the SKU on Printrove.

In this case, we have assigned the SKUs for all the variants as three unique numbers. You can however set the SKUs in a way that would be easy to remember. 

Step 7: Finally, click on "Proceed" and boom! Your product has been saved successfully.

Step 8: In your Wix Store, you can create a product and set the same SKUs as above.


If you already have a saved product on your Wix Store, you can edit the SKUs and ensure that both the platforms i.e Printrove and your Wix Store have the same SKUs.

Placing Orders from your Product Library using SKU Method

As and when you receive an order on your store, you can now directly head to Printrove and quickly place an order without much of a hassle.

Let's say, you got an order for Rock & Roll Men's Half Sleeves - Size M, on your Wix Store. We will then follow the below-given steps to successfully place an order.

Step 1:  From your Dashboard, go to " New Order "

Step 2: Click on " Add Products " and click on the "Quick Add" Tab. 

Step 3: Enter the SKU from your Wix order details and click on "Load"

Step 4: Done! Your product has now been added to the Order.

Step 5:  Click on "Proceed to shipping and enter the shipping details of your customer.

You have now successfully placed an order from your Product Library. Woohoo!

2) API Integrations 

You can even use Printrove's API Documentation to integrate your store. However,  you can achieve this only if you have a developer on board or if you're tech-savvy. You can even hire a programmer to do that for you.

Kindly click  here  to check out Printrove's API Documentation.  Go ahead and use Printrove's API to automate your Wix Store now!

Please note:

We’re currently working on integrating with Wix so that you can easily hook it up with Printrove. This will be  live on the panel very soon. 

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