Payment Processing and Making Profit with Printrove

How does Printrove charge you?

Printrove has a transparent billing system and processes all payments through the system of credits
1 Printrove Credit = 1 Rupee.

The Printrove Account stores your balance amount as credits and deducts the B2B pricing Printrove charges for its products once an order has been placed.

You can view your current balance at the top right corner of the Merchant Panel as shown in the image below. 

How to add credits?

You can simply click on the  icon to add credits and complete the transaction. Once the required credits have been added, they can be utilised to place orders until exhausted.

In case of insufficient balance, an order cannot be placed. For example, to place an order worth Rs. 500 at Printrove, the account needs to have at least 500 credits. If available, the order will be placed and would enter the Received Stage. If not, you will be required to add the difference in the amount to place the order.

Printrove Credits are non-refundable. However, you have lifetime access to the same.

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