Editing and cancelling orders in Printrove

Editing and cancelling orders

In this article, we're going to cover

1. How to Cancel an order after placing it?         

2. How to edit an existing order?       

Cancelling an order

All orders placed on the Printrove Merchant Panel can be canceled only if it has not been processed yet. 

Please note that once the order has gone for processing, you cannot cancel the order.

How to cancel an order?

1. After placing the order, if you wish to cancel it, go to Orders > Manage Orders Tab. 

2. Click on the order ID go to order actions, Under the order actions tab, there is an option of Cancel Order.

3. Once you click on that a confirmation pop up will come up and you can click on Yes I am sure.

4. After confirming your order will be canceled.

The total amount paid for the order is refunded back to your account as credits.

You can learn more about credits

Editing an order

Once an order is placed on the Printrove Merchant Panel, you can edit the shipping details until the order is ready to dispatch.

How to change the shipping address?

1. After placing the order, if you wish to edit it, go to Orders > Manage Orders Orders. 

2. Go to the order ID & click on the Shipping Information tab.

3. Click on edit & you can fill out the information.

4. A modal box will open. Enter the new details and click on Update.

Please note that the mode of shipping cannot be changed.



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