Creating Mockups on External Platforms like PlaceIt

Can I use Mockups from external platforms?

You can create your mockups on external platforms like Placeit and have customers drooling over your product photos.

Please follow the steps below after you're done creating the mockup - 

A. For Shopify and Woocommerce Stores

1. Push your product from Printrove to your Store ( Applicable for Shopify and Woocommerce )

2. Go to your store, please navigate to products, over there, you can remove the mockups that Printrove provides you and use your mockup instead.

Boom! You're done!

B. For Other Custom Built Stores

Please note that it is advisable to not use the push product feature in this case. The process gets a bit manual but it's worth the effort.

3. Go to your store, create a product there, and use your newly created mockup.

Boom! You're done!

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