Change of Shipping Address

Change of Shipping Address

You can change your shipping address as long as the item has not been shipped. Since it is up to the courier company to honour this request, it is better to do it as soon as possible, after the package is in transit. 
If an item has already been processed for shipping and you want to change the address you will be charged additional Rs. 65. 


To update your shipping address:

  1. Create a support ticket at and attach the following details
  • Order ID of the order for which shipping address is to be changed with new address
  • Confirmation for payment (Rs. 65 will be deducted from merchant credits)
As said, it is upto the courier company to honour this request, the entire process might take around 7-10 days as the shipment is sent to the mother hub and then dispatched to the new address. 

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