Pushing products to your WooCommerce Store

Pushing products to your WooCommerce Store

There are two ways you can add products to your store. 

  1. Manually add products to your store and map them with the Printrove Product Library
  2. Push Products from Printrove to your store

Manually Adding Products

  1. You can follow the normal method you use for WooCommerce to add products to your store.
  2. The only requirement for the product to be read by Printrove is that the SKU of the product and its variants cannot be blank.
  3. You can download Mockups from Printrove or use your own to showcase the product on your store.
  4. Using the product SKU, Printrove will automatically map the product with your Product Library. To learn more about how to add products to your Printrove Product Library, check out this article.

Push Products From Printrove to your Store

You can watch video below: 

This feature allows you to seamlessly add products from your Printrove Merchant Panel directly to your WooCommerce store along with the mockups. There is no need to manually add these products to your Printrove Product Library as these products are synced automatically.

The Push Product feature is currently available only for Clothing and Phone Cases category

Steps to push Clothing products to your store

  1. On the Printrove Merchant Panel, click on Push Products
  2. Select either Men's Clothing or Women's Clothing from the Category dropdown.
  3. Select the desired Product from the dropdown.
  4. From the Colors section, select all the colors you would like to use for this design.
  5. From the Sizes section, select all the sizes you want to use. You can click on Select All to select all the options.
  6. For our Business Plan users, we give an option to select the mockup style of the product if present. We have mockup styles like Model, Flatlay, Flatlay Wrinkled and Hanging. The number of mockup styles varies from product to product.
  7. Once you select the mockup style, click on the Design button on the thumbnail and place your design.
  8.  The next step is to enter the Product details which is given below.

Steps to push Phone Cases to your store

  1. On the Printrove Merchant Panel, click on Push Products
  2. Select Sublimation Phone Cases from the Category dropdown.
  3. You will see a table of all our phone models.
  4. Select the phone models and click on Add to List
  5. This will add the selected phone models to the main list which can be seen in the center of the page.
  6. Once you have added all the phone models you want to push to your store, you can also save this list for future use. Just enter a name for the list and click on Save.
  7. The next time you want to use the same set of phone cases, you can just select the list name from the Load from Saved Lists dropdown. This will automatically load all your previously selected phone models.
  8. Please note that Shopify does not allow more than 100 variants per product. So you will be limited to selecting only 100 phone models at a time.
  9. Once you have finalised on the phone model list, you can click on Choose Design to choose the design file. Please note that the design has to be in the ODF dimension for this to work. To learn more about the ODF format, please check out this article.
  10. Once you select the correct file, the next step is to enter the Product details which is given below.

Filling the WooCommerce Product Details

  1. Clicking on Enter Product Details button opens the WooCommerce Product details pop up. You can enter the product details that you would normally enter in your WooCommerce backend when you create a new product.
  2. You can copy paste an HTML code of your preformatted Short description in the Short Descriptionand Long Description sections or enter your own descriptions.
  3. For the pricing, you can either enter the individual profit and retail price or set an overall profit and retail price.
  4. Uncheck the Publish Products checkbox to save the product as Draft on your store.
  5. The Category dropdown pulls all the categories from your store. You can also add a new category in your WooCommerce Admin and then refresh the list and select the new category. You can select more than one category.
  6. Once you click on the Confirm button, you are done. The products are added in the background and you will receive an email once the entire process is complete.


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