Adding a product to the Printrove Product Library

Adding a product to the Printrove Product Library

To sync orders from your Shopify or WooCommerce store, you need to map the products which are present in your store with products in the Printrove Product Library. This is important because when the orders are pulled from your store, Printrove fetches the SKUs and maps it to the saved product on the Printrove Product Library. 

Another great use of adding products to the product library is the ease of creating Manual Orders. You can directly enter the Product SKU while placing an order and it will load the details automatically. You do not have to select the category, product and place the design individually.


 Steps to add Products individually:

  1. Login to your Printrove Merchant Panel
  2. Go to Product Library > Add Products
  3. Select Category and Product from the dropdowns.
  4. In the case of T-Shirts and Hoodies, Printrove lets you select multiple colors and sizes for one design. This way, you do not have to individually add the different variants.
  5. Once the colors and sizes are selected, you have to add the design to the product.
  6. Now, you have to enter the individual SKUs. You can either individually change the SKUs or use a common prefix for all of them.
  7. Click on Save to save all the products to your Product Library.
  8. In the case of non-clothing products like Phone Cases, coasters etc you can select the product, add the design and enter the SKU to save the product.


Steps to add Products in bulk:

Once you’re familiar with adding products individually, it becomes simpler to understand how to add products in bulk. Please take a look at this short video to understand how to use Excel to add products to the Product Library.

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