New size chart for Women Round Neck T-shirts




  • Harshil Vora

    This is really confusing. So what am I to show my customers on my website finally? I have to explain them to refer different size chart for different colours?

    And over time are all the colours going to be available only for the new chart? If yes, by when?

    And are you going to then remove the old chart and stick to just the new one?

    This is really more trouble than convenience.

  • Srinivas Rajkumar (Vas)

    you do realise that this an unnecessary complication for those you have designs in multiple colours.

    My opinion would be to hold back the new designs till its available in all colours.    

  • Printrove Team

    Hi Harshil and Srinivas,

    We understand that this could cause a confusion for a few days, but since Black and Navy Blue have been the most ordered colours, we did not want our merchants to lose out on the sales for these two colours meanwhile. The size chart is going to change for all the colours, and that would take about 10-12 days. Once we receive the stocks for all the colours in the new size chart, we'll not be reverting to the old one. 

    We request you to please bear with us in the meantime and we're sorry for the inconvenience that is caused. We'll make sure we restock the other colours as soon as possible. 

  • Harshil Vora

    Dear Ayushi,
    Thanks! Then I think it was important for you to mention the 10-12 days bit and that it'll permanently change. If that's the case, then it's fine. I'm launching my store in two weeks, so please just ensure that by 26th or so, you've changed it for all. If there's going to be a delay in that timeline, let me know asap!

  • Printrove Team

    Sure Harshil, we'll keep you updated. We've updated the article with the added information too. 

  • Kishan Goyal

    Printrove - please confirm if the new vs. old size chart thing is resolved and we should be using the new size chart only?

  • Harshil Vora

    What's the status on colours? What colours are still not on the new chart?

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