Preparing T-shirt design files




  • Shyamsundar Waghmare

    Hello, Nice to see tshirts are in list.
    Are these Tshirts are in good quality fabrics? I know your mobile cases and it's printing but hoping for better quality for Tshirts also.
    Keep it up.

  • Printrove Support

    Hey Shyamsundar,

    Our t-shirts are made up of a perfect blend of cotton and polyester to give the right feel and longer life. You can read more about the quality of t-shirts here

  • Shyamsundar Waghmare

    Hi, Thank you.

    CAn I add your products and designs too.

    Just let me know after your plugin comes up in market to integrate in shopify.

    THank you again.

  • Printrove Support

    Yes, you can use our designs for other products. However, designs for t-shirts are not added to our design library yet. 

    And yes, the Shopify and Woocommerce plugins are live. You can email us at to begin the integration process.

  • K&P

    On your website it says T shorts are 100% cotton, but in one of the comments above you mention it is a cotton-polyester mix. which one is accurate?

  • Printrove Team


    Initially we had cotton - polyester mix t-shirts. Not many people were satisfied with the quality so, we now have 100% cotton t-shirts only.

  • Digital Ezy

    I do not have Shopify account- I only have files I want to print. So where do i start how do I start. Can I design T-shirts, hoodies, phone covers etc using only my images on printrove and post on print trove and use the same for Shopify.

    can I sell without Shopify or woocommece directly on Amazon.


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